Discovery Channel documentary „Netaji Bose & The Lost Treasure“

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Shooting documentary „Netaji Bose & The Lost Treasure“ for Discovery Channel

For the TV series „Netaji Bose & The Lost Treasure“ of Discovery Channel India & History TV18, Nico Neuse shot interviews and b-roll in Düsseldorf. The film pictures the secret and history of indian „freedom fighter“ Subhash Chandra Bose in World War II. His sudden disapearance and death is still an uncovered mystery, so even tody, there are many conspiracy theories about his involvements and his death.

Here you can watch the 1. trailer of the TV docomentary series, here is the 2. trailer made for TV.

customer: AIM Television India
08-2017 on Discovery Channel India / History TV18
shooting location: Düsseldorf/Germany (amongst other)
cameraman Düsseldorf: Nico Neuse (dsp media | Videoproduction)
production and camera assistent: Till Schulz
produced in 4K, delivered in HD
production year: 2016-2017