Employer branding video Ashfield Healthcare

Shooting an employer branding video for Ashfield Healthcare

Shooting a full day on a recruiting event for Ashfield Healthcare (UDG Healthcare PLC), we produced a series of short teaser and employer branding videos for the upcoming exhibitions and Ashfields‘ search for young professionals.

Ashfield offers a wide range of world-class, market leading services that include medical sales teams, telesales, nurse educators, patient support programmes, medical communications, medical information, meetings and events, market research, pharmacovigilance and training.

Find out more on ashfields‘ search for young professionals and recruiting: https://www.ashfieldhealthcare.com


customer / agency: Ashfield Healthcare GmbH
production type: recruiting video, event trailer, employer branding video
shooting: Nico Neuse
editing: Nico Neuse | dsp media
motion grafics: Nico Neuse | dsp media
production: 2018