loadbee GmbH: usability video

Usability video production for IT Service Provider loadbee GmbH

Loadbee is a company based in Stuttgard and provides IT solutions and cloud based product services for webshops, manufacturers and brands. Their IT service platform syndicates manufacturer’s premium content directly to all POS, so distribution of product specific information is made easy and conveniet to both providers and customers.

The task was to create a usability video to showcase the loadbee system in use with a shoe online buyers‘ platform without the need of having a dedicated narrator.

customer: Loadbee GmbH
case: usability video, social media content, web clip
shooting location: Düsseldorf
camera: Nico Neuse
postproduction: Nico Neuse (dsp media | Videoproduktion)
produced in 4K UHD
production year: 2016