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As a DoP (director of photography) and DP cameraman in Düsseldorf I direct, shoot, edit and finish your film and video project – commercial, advertising, video content creation, social media clip, documentary, interview, B-Roll

About Nico Neuse


Nico is a broadcast engineer with over fifteen years of experience as a freelance DP cameraman in Düsseldorf (DoP = Director of photography), editor and producer. Over the years, he has worked for many companies as well as agencies all over europe. He has gained working experience with a wide range of digital camera systems and broadcast equipment. When it comes to postproduction, he is an advanced and experienced editor with Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects and Davinci Resolve. He also gives lectures on camera work and multimedia editing for students. In cooperation with journalists from the BBC, Nico works also as a cameraman for media trainings on a regular basis. He is founder, creative director and head of production at his video production company dsp media.

At dsp media, he and his team of video marketing specialists are providing a wide range of media services from shooting and editing film to supply of show concepts and av equipment for live events and trade shows. They also provide film teams for shootings including postproduction and video editing.
One of Nicos‘ personal favorites is diving. With this passion for water and moving images, he combined all of this in shooting video underwater. He owns some different underwater cameras and has it’s own diving equipment. For documentary and feature underwater video work, Nico is availlable as an experienced underwater cameraman including camera and diving equipment. For creative underwater film work, he also has it’s team including savety divers and lighting technicians if needed.
Nico is available as a Director of Photography, producer, cameraman for interview shooting, web video content, documentary and social media and content production.

At his film production studio and video marketing agency dsp media, the media specialists together with Nico provide camerateams with equipment, do live event streming, offer AV and broadcast equipment and provide full service for every kind of fillm and video production as well as live video capture of any event or trade show – from shooting to video editing, from trade show videos to interview or advertisement campaigns. Speakers for film voiceover, music archives, sound effects and animation are also done at their video studio in Düsseldorf and add more value to a film, providing a full package of begin-to-end video production service. Concpet and preproduction before shooting your video can be also booked in, always according to your budget. With dsp media, you get the complete scalable video package from shooting in HD or 4K to editing with motiondesign and audio mixing within one team of video specialists.

Production equipment Contact

  • „I sometimes compare making a film to cooking. Some dishes need to be stewed, while others need to be fried.“

    - Wong Kar-Wai -
  • „Some people are so concerned about having the right camera and all the special effects that they’re missing the key element.“

    - Herb Ritts -
  • „It always seems impossible until it’s done.“

    - Nelson Mandela -

Production Equipment

Camera and production gear

Production Equipment

Cameras and gear I work with

Constantly testing new cameras, tools or techniques that speed up the video prodcution workflow and raise production value is an essential part of my work, as it ensures to always deliver the highest possible outcome for my clients.

I carefully choose a camera and other production equipment according to the requirements of a project and the budget. All aspects of a camera or special tools such as lights and stabilizers used will be discussed prior to the production process with my clients. We are very well equipped with cameras, lighting fixtures of any kind and wireless microphones as well as monitors and also have a big pool of staff – from recording specialists to lighting operators if it comes to shooting with a bigger team. On top of that, working together with all big video rental companies all over Germany ensures that I have instant access to additional camera equipment at any time and also can instantly rent in more light or sound equipment.

There are different setups and digital camera systems availlable which are suitable for different cases of shooting. From HD to 4K and slow motion shots, from RAW video to LOG and HDR – there is always a setup that we can provide which fits your production’s needs. Additional gear as well as camera operators can always be rented in for bigger setups and projects. We always try to deliver cinematic images, therefore I often use big sensor cameras such as the Sony PXW-FS7 II (which is even capable of capturing RAW, LOG and HDR altogether) or Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 MkII as well as DSLRs and other digital 4K cameras. If small form factors and portability are a demand, diffenent lightwheight systems are also availlable like the Sony Alpha series: A7R3, A7S2 and A7III to shoot HD and 4K. In combination with our stabilizer systems, like the Ronin S for example, one can get extremely smooth camera movements and fluid shots.
Different setups including 4K shoulder cameras, production mixers and switches as well as technical staff for events and live production – what ever your production needs – please don’t hesitate to ask for the best possible solution and highest quality. At dsp media, we provide technical event solutions and AV equipment for your trade show booth, shoot press conference or live event video as well as streaming.

As the trade fair ground and exhibition center „Messe Düsseldorf“ is right around the corner of our bureau, we shoot trade show video at the fair grounds in Düsseldorf and other fairgrounds in Germany on a regular basis. With live content produced at a client’s booth or interviews tailored to your social media campaigns, we boost your trade show marketing with camera, cameraman or a shooting team and edit the content right away if needed. Please feel free to contact us for shooting trade show video!

Our production kits, cameras, lenses and other gear are also availlable for hire and rental to other cameraman in and around Düsseldorf depending on the project, please ask for details. We also offer a live video production pack if needed, for live stream of events and trade shows. We do live mixing as well as live transmissions from various locations and are capable of broadcasting your interviews or talks on set and on location.

On top of that, we offer shooting green screen or blue screen footage and edit the content right after shooting. This can be done either in our studio in Düsseldorf or at any remote location. We have a greenscreen portable studio setup which we can build up at any location, be it at the client’s office or at a remote location like an event space or a concert hall. With this, we can produce lots of interviews, special effect content, webcasts and training videos within tight timetables.

Video editing suite Contact

Video editing studio

Postproduction and software skills

Video editing studio

Hardware and software I work with

In postproduction, you make the story work. Here, everything comes together to form your final film. In my editing studio, I arrange, cut and mix the best scenes of a video shooting, mix in dialogue, music and colour correct all footage to get a specific look.

I work on custom build digital editing suites:

  • 4K & HD Highend Systems running Adobe Cloud CC video software (with Premiere Pro CC, AfterEffects, Photoshop) and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, all with SDI live output options
  • Different editing machines (also for on set work or anywhere else) are available
  • Coulor calibrated monitors of all sizes as well as projectors
  • Audio editing studio running STEINBERG CUBASE with audio nearfield monitors, digital mixing consoles, condenser microphones for dialogue and narration and other audio mixing, sourround mixing as an option are possible at our studios
Editing and postproduction
Motion design
Colour grading
Sound design and mixing

See work Contact

Video Services

Cameraman with camera or camerateam with equipment

Cameraman with equipment

Different film types that I shoot

Working in the media business for more that 17 years now, I shoot all kind of different filmy types, be it interviews, advertising, documentation, underwater videos or company profile clips.



Video Work

Completed projects for various clients

Our clients

Companies and brands I have worked with, directly or through agencies



















Medienakademie Ruhr

Logo Kindernothilfe e.V.

What the clients say about my work:

  • „This film is both emotional and informative; exactly what we need. Great work!“

    - Dr. med B. Brühwiler, Medical director Kantonspital Münsterlingen/Switzerland -
  • „Our product videos by dsp media do a great job by demonstrating the advantages to customers worldwide!“

    - Sevan Bachtanian, EPSON Robotics/Germany -
Dipl.-Ing. Nico Neuse
cameraman duesseldorf

Höherweg 245
D-40231 Düsseldorf
Studio & bureau:  +49 (0)211 7022679
Cell phone:  +49 (0)163 7022679


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